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This whole site is being moved to a shiny new server - as are all my sites, in fact. Apologies for the bumpy road ahead, but at the end of that road things will become fast and smooth.

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This web site is devoted to my travels, and what I learned while travelling (or preparing for a trip): travel journals, photography, and even a section devoted to Turkic languages. The map below nicely illustrates my incurable travel itch.

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Marjolein’s Travel Blog

Blogging about and during my travels - from wherever I can find an Internet connection and a spare hour or two.

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Trips and photographs

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Greetings from...
A number of quick-and-dirty electronic postcards from several of my travels for those I could not send a paper one.
Pittsburgh - a photographic impression
In 1999 I was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the USA for a conference. At the end of the week I had a day off and made some pictures with a little throwaway camera. The results were better than I expected from a piece of plastic, and the best ones can be seen in Pittsburgh - a photographic impression; choose the pictures one by one from the thumbnails, or view them as a slide show.
Self Portrait
On my trip through Central Asia in 2001 I also made a self portrait!
Centraal-Azië 2002 - Central Asia 2002
In 2002 I made another trip through Central Asia. Here’s a detailed journal. Mostly (still) in Dutch but when I have some time more pages will be translated in English, too. If you don’t read Dutch, you might want to browse it for the pictures. More pictures will be added later, but my scanner broke and I am broke...


Learning Turkic Languages
Largely unfinished: my efforts at “Turkic for travellers” - with pronunciation where available! - with side-by-side comparisons of Turkish, Turkmen and Uzbek.